Trust in Agroscience

We produce plant protection products to protect crops,
aware of our role as a chemical company working for a more sustainable
agriculture at the service of people, labour, and the environment.
We invest passion and resources to guarantee excellence and to grow our skills,
in order to responsibly innovate the future of agriculture.


An in-house research lab to develop molecules, formulations, and mixtures, ensuring knowledge of the chemical and biological character of a product successful on the market.


Synthesis of high-tech chemical molecules, at a proprietary plant in Manerbio, in the province of Brescia, that has always earned recognition for its highest quality and safety standards.


Development of complete dossiers for the registration of molecules and formulations, for Europe and the world, while relying on a GLP certified analysis laboratory affiliated with the Group.


Safe, reliable, and attentive marketing, everywhere in the world, the result of the most in-depth market knowledge and of our long-standing logistical skill in transporting plant protection products, for a service that is tailored to the customer, highly specialized, and professional.

What makes us unique

Ours is a long story of trust and industrial responsibility in chemistry.
It is a story of producers of highly complex active ingredients – producers
that have grown with the culture of extreme attention to quality and sustainability.
Today, our knowledge is a unique storehouse of wisdom – on science,
technology/production, regulatory aspects, and distribution all at the same time.
A knowledge of people innovating for the future of crop protection.

Our products

We boast a portfolio of active ingredients, formulations,
and chemical intermediates for the protection of a variety of crops around the world.








Chemical Intermediates


We believe there is no other way to build a possible future
than to practice chemistry, with responsible competence, for the agricultural world.
It is a goal we pursue with a sense of purpose and determination.