Every year more than 30% of the total investments of the Manerbio production plant are allocated to Environment and Safety (HSE), to improve processes and upgrade technology.

Our commitment to quality and environment.

Finchimica’s commitment is proven by more than 40 years of production of quality agrochemicals and intermediates, safely and respectful the environment in which we live; our efficient use of resources comes from our company philosophy, that we have always adopted and supported during our industrial history.

Our journey in this market, in terms of product quality and environmental reliability, combined with economic sustainability, is the result of constant learning and conscious management of resources.

We can proudly say that our Manerbio plant has been ahead of its time for quality and safety standards; it anticipated mandatory and voluntary standards, always aligning with the best available technologies and the most severe market demands. It has also guaranteed the health of the work environment, without significant effects on the surrounding environment confirmed by investigations carried out by foundations and third parties leader in their field.

For Finchimica, the concept of continuous improvement – borrowed from the company management systems – is at the basis of authentic corporate culture and widespread responsibility; this concept is clearly stated in Finchimica’s company policies and in the Code of Ethics: for over 25 years we have been constantly monitoring hundreds of indicators that allow us to continuously improve our processes, together with our performances related to safety, business, environment, health, employees’ quality of life, the areas in which we work and the territory.

The main evidence of our environmental policy.

Our Environmental Policy is based on our availability to an open and transparent comparison with the control bodies and with territory in which we are located. We are aware that the relationship of trust we have established with the community must be constantly maintained; for almost twenty years we have voluntarily communicated and published the indicators that show the attention we pay to the respect for the environment, not limiting ourselves just to simple regulatory compliance.

Every year we define ever more ambitious and challenging targets to achieve higher results in our environmental performance.

Over the years, Finchimica voluntarily underwent audits by third parties and received numerous inspection visits by ARPA Lombardia (the Regional Environmental Protection Agency), with the aim to verify the compliance with the environmental authorizations granted.
These verifications have always proven our full compliance with regulations and have shown our attention to environmental topics and our commitment to a careful monitoring of the performance of our plant.

Here below we list the most significant indicators that illustrate Finchimica’s corporate efforts to protect the environment.

Water consumption

Our systems are designed to maximize water recycling, avoiding wasting water, the most important resource on our planet; and even if our production increases, we are committed to ensuring that water consumption does not increase.

The following graph illustrates the water consumption per ton of production over the years, it shows the continuous commitment of our company in pursuing this fundamental goal to protect the environment.

Water Consumption

General index

Improvement in water consumption must not be compensated by an increase in electricity consumption, necessary to guarantee the functioning of the recycling pumps.

The following graph – that compares water consumption to electricity consumption, normalized according to the tons of products produced – demonstrates the constant improvement in water consumption over the years. The value of the index, unvaried since 2002, shows how this improvement in water consumption does not go to the detriment of energy consumption, even with an increase in the number of production cycles.