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Privacy Policy on the processing of personal data through website cookies

Use of cookies

This website (Website) uses cookies and similar technologies designed to enhance navigation and your browsing experience on the Website, and make its services as efficient and simple to use as possible, as better detailed below.

The data controller in relation to the functioning of the cookies on the Website is Finchimica S.p.A. (Finchimica), with registered office at Via Lazio 13, 25025 Manerbio (Province of Brescia).


When you visit the Website, a small amount of data are entered on your device as small text files called cookies, which are stored in your browser’s history.

There are several types of cookies, but basically the main purpose of cookies is to make a website operate more effectively and to enable certain features.

In general, cookies are used to enhance the user’s overall browsing experience. They:

  1. allow you to browse efficiently from page to page;
  2. memorise entered usernames and preferences;
  3. they save you from having to enter the same information (such as username and password) multiple times during the same session;
  4. measure your use of services to enhance your browsing experience and the services;
  5. feature banner adverts tailored to the your interests and behaviour demonstrated while browsing.

Similar technologies, such as web beacons, clear GIF formats and all forms of local storage introduced with HTML5, can be used to collect information on user behaviour and on the use of services. In this privacy policy we will refer to all similar technologies with the term “cookie”.

Some cookies, called session cookies, are usually deleted when the user closes the browser. Other cookies, known as persistent cookies, “survive” after closing the browser and are available every time the user subsequently visits the website that they belong to. The lifespan of these cookies is set by the website’s server when they are created. In some cases, they expire on a specific date, in others they remain until the user deletes the browsing data stored by their browser.

Type and lifespan of cookies on the Website

Finchimica uses only technical session cookies. They are used for the proper functioning of some areas of the Website. Without these cookies, the Website or parts of it may not load properly.

The lifespan of these cookies is strictly limited to the working session. When the user closes the browser, they are deleted.

The Website’s technical session cookies are always sent from Finchimica’s Internet domain.

Cookies on the Website

Types of cookiesNameDescription
Technical session cookiefinchimica.itIt maintains the browsing session active, the menu colour of the active pages and the language of choice

Cookie management

Through your browser settings, you can choose whether to accept or block cookies. As pointed out above, however, totally or partially disabling the technical cookies might hamper  the Website’s functions.

All major browsers allow users to choose their cookie settings. Below are instructions for managing and deleting the cookies from some of them:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox

For more information on the options available to restrict the use of cookies, please visit the website: