Finchimica S.p.A. is founded and production begins on the chemical intermediate Parachlorobenzotrifluoride (PCBTF).
Finchimica S.p.A. enters an industrial alliance with the historic manufacturer I.Pi.Ci. S.p.A. (now Finagro S.p.A.) which, thanks to a long string of successes beginning in 1947, boasts major registrations of chemical formulations, selling on the United States, Australian, and Chinese markets.
Production begins of Trifluralin, to this day one of the active ingredients most well-known and appreciated in crop protection on the market.
The chlorination and photochlorination plant is transferred to Tavazzano, in the province of Lodi, near the Solvay (now Inovyn) site – a decision made out of responsibility, to avoid transporting potentially hazardous substances, but that over time has given rise to an interesting market for the sale of co-products leaving the Manerbio plant.
A commercial alliance begins with DowAgroSciences (DAS); the synergy of Finchimica’s productive skills with DAS’s commercial and regulatory strength is to mark the success of dinitroanilines (DNAs) in North America.
Production begins of the active ingredient Pendimethalin.

The plant for the production of the chemical intermediate for the insecticide Fipronil goes on line.
The alliance between Finchimica and DowAgroSciences (DAS) is dissolved.
Finchimica embarks on a phase of diversification and strong development of its direct market, which today is worth 50% of the sales revenue of the active ingredients made at its proprietary facility in Manerbio; the sales agent Novafito S.p.A. is purchased.
The commercial agreement gets underway with Gowan Company LLC; the sales agent Novafito S.p.A. is merged into Finchimica Spa, reinforcing internal synergies in research and production, registration and distribution in the value creation chain on the plant protection products market.