We offer a rich catalogue of active ingredients
and chemical intermediate for the protection
of the most important agricultural crops.

Technical products



Selective herbicide for soil treatment, down to a depth of 5-10 centimetres immediately after application; to be used for the pre-emergence control of annual and broad-leaf weeds on cotton, cereals, rapeseed, peanuts, soy, sunflower, and many vegetable crops.


Selective herbicide with pre-emergence application for the control of a good number of grassy and broad-leaf weeds on rapeseed, beans, peas, safflower, soy, and sunflower crops.


Selective herbicide to control grassy and broad-leaf weeds on salad crops, lettuce, tomato, sunflower, peanuts, legumes (chickpeas, peas, beans, green beans), asparagus, alfalfa, clover, tobacco, and turf.


Selective herbicide to be used alone or in a mix, for the pre- and post- early emergence control of most weeds, including many annual broad-leaf weeds, on corn, cereals, cotton, soy, sunflower, rice, and many vegetable crops.



Insecticide to control many soil-borne insects and those in the parts above-ground of various crops. It is also used as insecticide for public hygiene and to control ticks and fleas in dogs and cats.

Chemical Intermediates


Intermediate specifically synthesized for the herbicide Trifluralin.


Intermediate specifically synthesized for the insecticide Fipronil.


PCBTF solvent to be used in the production of paints, especially for the automotive industry and for pharmaceutical applications.


Intermediate for the synthesis of herbicide molecules.

We also manufacture other chemical intermediates
synthesized on an exclusive basis for specific customers.